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Taking care of our clients is our #1 priority. The environment in our studio is upbeat, friendly, and a fun place for little ones. We like to care for the families that visit with the amenities of home. Snacks for the whole family are stocked, including quick meal items, drinks for the kids, mom, dad & grandma making family portraits that much easier. Toys for the little ones, Netflix and a fully stocked wine, coffee & tea bar are provided to entertain anyone waiting or not currently being photographed.

All you need to do is arrive and we will take care of everything! We strive to create a happy, memorable experience with us and an exceptional and unparalleled final product that fills you with joy for your beautiful family for many years to come.

Boutique Service  =

the Highest Customer Service 

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We have a stocked diaper changing station with extra diapers, wipes & onesies

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Log on if you like, even get a little work done, but sit back & let us handle everything!

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We know how it goes! They are never full. So we provide many types of snacks for all.

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A private place to change clothes and a place to get all dolled up & primped!

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Parents are encouraged to relax & make yourself right at home while we photograph your kids.

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 We have a full closet of accessories & clothing for babies to teens to plan every session perfectly.

  1. The day of your viewing you will most likely have a good idea of the products or collection that works best for your plans for the session, since our Art Menu was previously sent to you.

  2. Grab a drink and a snack and get ready for the best part! We settle down to view a slideshow set to music of your images in our viewing room on our 55" TV. 

  3. Cherry will make sorting and choosing images a breeze for any wall art, desired album or digital images you choose. With a quick image provided earlier of your home, we show you exactly how your images will look on your walls in the appropriate sizes.

  4. Next, we walk you through simple steps to choose your final product(s) to be displayed in your home. We have samples of all of the products we offer so you can see for yourself which products best suit your personal taste and style and view various sizes.

  5. We then design any gifts, cards or specialty items.

  6. Clients who "Create A Collection" get to take home their digital files the day of the appointment while they await the creation we have ordered of their gorgeous, high quality piece of art to be displayed beautifully for years to come. 

  7. We call you when your art has arrived for pick up in the studio. When you stop by to pick up your eagerly awaited masterpiece be sure to grab your coupons & referral information. We value our clients & strive to make it affordable to take advantage of our many themed sessions.

 When you leave your appointment all decisions are made & done,

giving you the peace of mind knowing it's fully complete!


in style

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& props

We provide clothing and props for children from newborns to teens as well as all props.* 

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and finding your style



Not sure which products will make a statement in your home in a way that fits your style?

No worries! We make it easy to know what works best in your home. When you "Create a Collection" and provide us with a snapshot of the walls of your home, we can show you exactly what different sizes and products will look like on your own walls and in your own home. 

Take our style finder quiz to find our top 3 products for you.

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