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Drum roll please....!

It is with the happiest of blessed and grateful overflowing hearts I tell you guys the super duper happy news that my long time dream of having my own studio is finally, actually going to happen! I have dreamed of this day for so long I can barely even believe it's true. Having a professional studio space where I can work with my beautiful clients, and have my equipment and supplies close at hand all neatly and beautifully organized. I can't wait to tell you all about it!

So with no further adieu I welcome you all here to our first, and very premature, CPP Studio tour. I hope you have a good imagination because it is still no where near finished!

  • Though our studio is small it will have 3, fantastic, beautiful rooms.

  • Entrance and main shooting room

  • Main shooting room, viewing room/client coffee & snack bar room (whew! Say that 3 times fast!)

  • -Dressing room, which will house ample prop storage behind its (future, homemade) pretty barn doors.

More on each room below, and their individual uses. We also have a gallery hallway where clients will be able to see all of the beautiful available types of high quality art pieces and examples of the various sizes. It will be a big help to our clients to be able to visualize the final products and determine which types best fit their personal style.


So okay, here goes. Well... on one condition. Promise you will remember it is all a work in progress! Every single room has much to be done. Custom wall shelves, built-ins and furniture are all still to come. Along with backdrop hangers, signs and photo art still to hang throughout, the outdoor entrance, the stairwell to upstairs and the gallery hall we can't show you just yet. But stay tuned...


Studio Main Room

This main room will be a beautiful, yet powerful work horse! This is what you see as you enter our studio doors. To your right is a long wall that includes both our main shooting wall and also our little fireplace area. (We like it cozy!) The fireplace adorns a shiplap feature wall with pretty sconces that have little sparkly crystals. Though we have SO many gorgeous clients, we decided to hang a picture of our own family over the mantle, to better acquaint our family of clients with our little family.

This is the left part of the main studio room as you enter. Our "nursery wall" as we call it will highlight photos of babies, toddlers and newborns on the brick wall above the changing table. One of the pieces is there on the highchair, it is 1 of 3 beautiful hexagon shaped wood pieces. We LOVE this product, and I cannot wait to hang them up! The floral swing will hang from the ceiling where it is currently located, which is also another shooting wall. It is a prop we will actually use for young children both indoors and in the outdoor studio.



This room as you see it is only about 25% completed. Of all of our room, this one will be a doozie of a multi-tasker! What you see now is our client lounge area. Before accessorizing! This is where our mamas & dads can watch Netflix with a cool drink or coffee while we photograph their little ones in the next room. It's the dream you guys! It will have a great little coffee and snack bar area with a stocked fridge, snacks, a microwave, a wide range of coffees & teas to choose from and a water cooler for fresh hot and cold water to drink. Our decor is a work in progress, custom artwork will most definitely be hung to cheer up our much loved, newly installed shiplap wall. Which incidentally, is our family size shooting wall! Everything in our studio will move and rearrange as our set designs change day to day, session to session.

The yellow painter's tape on the wall marks the top of our future floating desk. Pictured also is the new TV, blending in conspicuously as it awaits the happy day we hang it on the wall over the desk. We will also have a great sound system with speakers in the ceiling!



I am so excited about our new dressing room! We will finally have a place to properly dress for sessions, a place for our make-up artist to do her work, for clients to change into our ever growing collection of beautiful clothing. Yes, you heard right, we plan to provide clothing for the majority of our children's shoots! As time goes on we will continue to add to our ladies, teen & adult collection of gowns and accessories, which will be available to clients for all shoots in the studio from seniors, to glamour, to maternity and families.

All but a couple of these garments have been purchased in the last month or two, these are just the new pieces coming in. We have clothing orders arriving every day, we are stocking up on backdrops and coordinating clothing. One of the things we are doing is ordering multiple sizes of outfits when possible so that we have consistent options across the ranges of ages and coordinating clothing to use with siblings.

Look at that closet full of photo props! I see a lot of Cameo vinyl labeling projects in my future! And yes, that's me with my camera. In my paint clothes. Because for now, I am a full time... painter. Walls, moldings, furniture, and every other thing a girl could paint.

Now this room, I think may demand more imagination than I dare ask of you! There are no pull back shots because for now, there is nothing much to see. The large prop closet will have 4 barn doors, 2 of which will have full length dressing mirrors. By using 4 doors instead of 2 or 3 we can open them wider to expose more of the prop closet. This closet y'all! It holds SO MUCH, making it look easy. I am so very grateful for this closet. :) And do you know what else? There's another closet off of this room. This is the stuff dreams are made of.

Two of the walls in this room will hold hanging racks of clothing with shelving for accessories. One wall for children, and one wall for glamour (teens, tweens, maternity and women). Each wall has a dresser to accommodate accessories, jewelry and all kinds of beautiful photo props. The third wall is the closet. And the forth wall? Well, that will be a fun mix of china cabinet and dressing vanity. I'll just let the future pictures explain that one! So to recap, this room is a closet. With a closet.

The collage above featuring the dressing room gives a hint to the gallery hallway outside its door. A colorful runner will bring out the wide range of colors on display on our gallery walls. And furthermore, that runner is a hint to our upstairs stairwell. Track lighting and dimmable recessed lights will beautifully illuminate the wide range of art in our gallery hallway including metals, canvases and wood prints of several kinds and many sizes.


Thanks so much for checking out the brand new CPP Studio, our work very much in progress. We have so much still to go, but even as we work we are planning upcoming photo sessions to be announced SOON. Model calls will be also going out shortly.

Stay tuned for our sure-to-be-fantastic GRAND OPENING PARTY! We will be raffling away free photo shoots & products, discounts and even a free head shot for ALL who attend! Sign your children up on our model call list and check out our new studio while snacking on drinks & appetizers. Meet our make up artist and look through our dressing closet. See all we have to offer here at the brand new Cherry Picked Photography Studio!

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