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Jillian's Senior Photo Shoot

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Hang on one hot second!


BEFORE hitting play

on that video 

Hi Irma, Jillian and Christie family!


Before presenting you with your gallery of images I would like to show you your gorgeous portraits by way of video presentation. It’s the very best way to see them, I hope you'll agree! I recommend making a plan for watching the video for the first time as a family when everyone can sit down and relax. Make sure it is on a computer or even better, connect to the internet with a smart TV and watch it on a big screen! The larger and better the screen, the better the experience. An iPad is better than a phone, a computer is better than an iPad, a TV is best of all. Very important, click FULL SCREEN first! And be sure that volume is up good :)

After you have watched the video scroll down the page for the next step.

I hope you enjoyed the video and that you loved your images as much as I do!


As a fine art photographer, I pride myself on every single image I provide as a unique, individual, valuable work of art worthy of remembrance and prominent display in your home for many years. Generations even! I do not simply drop a preset on your image, crop and go. A formula for each series of images is carefully formulated and then hand applied to each one. Each formula of editing technique I compose is unique to that session and is created for the color tone, mood and resulting feeling or emotion to be the reflection of what I saw as an artist the day I looked through my camera lens and captured this fleeting time with your child.

Please take the time to look through our catalog of gorgeous archival quality art pieces printed on canvas, wood, metal and more. Our pieces are framed and hung to display in current modern fashion yet they are classic pieces that will stand the test of time. Designing your art walls is something I would be thrilled to help you with! I can make it easy to visualize sizes and number of art pieces right on your very walls using a simple snapshot you take with your phone!


As you look through the images in your gallery consider which images you would like to have printed and where you would like to display them, and consider which ones might look best in the personality of your home. The art is the BEST part!


Referrals and word of mouth is how our little small business thrives. I would appreciate it SO MUCH if you could rate your experience and jot down a few words about your portrait session on our Facebook page?

Oh I will love you for it!!

Just click the referral image (left) to go to our Facebook page and click on the "Share Feedback" button. Thank you SO very much! 

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