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General details on sessions below




These themed limited sessions will take place over the course of just one day, 

with sessions ranging in length from 15-45 minutes (avg. 30 minutes).

Time slots for each session will be first come, first served. 




An artistically styled, beautiful session. 

Sessions will be planned down to every detail, often including clothing.

 Sessions will be indoor studio shoots OR outdoors in a natural setting.

The best images from your session will be curated then given

artistic edits applied for mood and tone.

To ensure variety and bring out as much personality as possible,

at least two backdrops and imaginative sets will be used during every session.

For most sessions, we will do a clothing change as well.

In addition, for the client who's goal is to hang gorgeous, 

heirloom quality wall art in their home

some galleries may include special artistic pieces.

These may include painting effects, include added elements, 

enhanced backgrounds, compositing or other artistic effects 

to transform the original image into a truly magical,

sentimental, emotional and provoking piece of art.

(These one-of-a-kind creations are only available when purchasing select wall art.)

The best images from your session* will be curated

and will be presented to you in a beautiful slideshow

at your personal viewing appointment.  

At this time chose the package that best suits your needs

and place your order for prints, products or digital images.


*Each session will come with a predetermined number of edited photos (as advertised).

Because only the very best images are chosen,

and because each image will be a labor of love and a full artistic expression,

usually 10-15 images will be provided with each session viewing.

We walk you through easily selecting your favorites images

and the package that is perfect for your needs today.

Payment plans are available.

We archive all your images.


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