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Cherry Picked Crew!

I am so happy, and honored you have chosen me as the lucky photographer whom you have given your trust to adorn your beautiful home with images of your precious family! I hope you are enjoying your art work!

Because I am grateful for your business, I like to offer all model calls to my beloved clients first before offering them to my newsletter list, my Facebook Group or offering them to fans of my CPP Facebook Page or Instagram

You are here...

Since you're here, that means YOU are Cherry Picked Crew! That means:

1. You are eligible for our referral program. Be sure to take advantage of this for great savings!

2. You get first pick at all Limited Time Only Sessions. You won't ever miss out due to sold out sessions. Finding out first also gives you first pick on the best times of the day.

3.You get first dibs at model calls!

Model Calls

Model calls have NO SESSION FEE! I am waiving the session fee for all 2019 model calls. I will also provide images via online gallery, versus the in person viewing session. However, I do ask the following of all model call applicants:

- You must be willing to purchase the art piece that comes with that particular session and allow me to photograph it in your home for advertising purchases. Art pieces will be 40% percent off of the selling price in the CPP Product guide.

- You must agree to allow me to style your child's clothing for the session. Usually this means I buy the clothing for your child, though occasionally (more often for boys) I will send links to  and for girls with shoulder length to long hair, 

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