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I'm Cherry

Cherry Matott

Photographer, mom to Mac, Ellie & Riley. Aunt Cherry to Lucian, Mason, Beckett, Koah, Madison, Harper & Alexis.

Hello there, thank you for stopping by! I’m Cherry, and I’m a fine art photographer in the Atlanta, GA area. My work is award winning and internationally published. I shoot babies, toddlers, kiddos, tweens & teenagers. If your memories are among your most precious valuables to you then you have come to the right place! I am passionate about capturing the uniqueness of the hearts and souls I see through my lens in an artistic way. I keep a very light client load because I understand it takes time and understanding to build a strong relationship with my clients. I pride myself on being responsive and accessible to my clients, and available to discuss all aspects of your experience down to your final products. Taking the time to get to know you builds a trust that let’s those natural emotions shine through in your photos. It encourages spontaneity and a relaxed, fun photo shoot. Your satisfaction and happiness throughout the process is my #1.


First, a confession. I have a fairly bad memory. Well… actually, it stinks! It always has. As a child, my dad took oodles of photos. Sifting through his big box of photos was truly one of the most delightful ways to pass the time. My parents would tell me the stories, and I began to link those stories to the pictures and to my memories. For someone with a not-so-great memory, this linking was one way that kept those memories fresh throughout my life. We didn’t have many photos of our family all together, and when I was just a little girl my parents split up. As I grew up, my dad’s big box of photos grew more and more precious! As did the new photos in my life that I knew even then was flying by. That single family photo is still so precious to me. My dad loved photography so much, he loved capturing our memories. He is gone now, but the love of family through pictures is perhaps the best gift he has left me with. Once I became a mother this became a big priority for me. I wanted to surround my children with memories of us. I know how deeply photos reinforce our bonds, evoke a feeling of belonging, and root our sense of family and home. This is why I am so passionate about photography as art in our homes. I love a gorgeous, well designed home so this is why I am so passionate about making photography beautiful! I want to celebrate our family bonds and I love beautiful things. So what better better way to accessorize our homes than with gorgeous, artistically crafted memories?

When I’m not working you will often find me off adventuring with my camera in hand. Or in my backyard garden where I grow safe, organic veggies. I love to sew, rehab furniture and craft in 100 different ways. 

If you have never hired a professional photographer, or if you have so far used turn-and-burn photographers I encourage you to try a personal, customized photo session. The emphasis we put on planning your session takes the stress out of the shoot. And the fun adventurous atmosphere we bring to our clients will have you walking away happy and sooo excited to see your photos! We are grateful you are considering CPP to be your photographer, we would be thrilled to capture your beautiful memories.

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